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Replacement for Sonett ventilation duct.

How to wire an electric fuel pump.
The fuel pump will be shut off when there is no oil pressure.

Where to put the radio, other than in the glove compartment?
In a console underneath the dashboard, it takes one speaker.

The locking mechanism of the SAAB 95 rear door
95rear lockplate
Rear view, handle should be horizontal in locked position - striker plate

open locked
in open position - in locked position

SAAB workshop manual page 8 17:2

The "Soccerball" wheels used on the SAAB Sonett and the
1979 SAAB Jubilee (back side)
soccball soccwheel

The center to center distance of the wheel bolts is 100 mm (pitch),
the radius of the bolt circle is 85,06 mm

The SAAB part number is 742342, it is a 4 1/2"x15" rim

This particular wheel was made in September 1976.

Source; SAAB 95/96 V4 Service Manual, november 1973 issue, page 342-13;

Distributor, USA export model
As from model 1971, the distributor is provided with a
double acting vacuum control unit which depending on
engine load condition can increase or decrease the ignition

Ignition setting
It is very important, that the ignition setting is correct
when both vacuum hoses are disconnected. Testing with
connected vacuum hoses shall be done to check that
vacuum advance works properly.

newtronic2 newtronic1

An improvement on the classic ignition with breaker points, as pictured above, is an electronic system using a slotted disc, a light cell and an electronic switching unit. Adjusting breaker point gap is no longer needed and the ignition will always be timed right.
One manufacturer of such a system is
Newtronic Systems Ltd. also Pertronix has such a system.

SAAB V4 ignition advance diagram
advance curve
&ncopy; MH June 2002