These are some photographs of the SAAB Keystone event...

© MH Aug 1999
1-4; Overview of the Marmot parking lot

5,6; Charles Stoyer clearing out his basement; "Everything not sold by Sunday will go to the Denver City Dump!"
while 'Chip' Lamb has interest in an old radiator.

7; A Mile Long Limo?

8,9; My son Bob; "Dad, can we buy one like this?" - No! Buy one yourself after you finish law school!

10; Law school? But I want to be a policeman! (in a 9-5)

12; Neil Plucknett stroking a Sonett II - V4

13,14; a V4 and a 2 stroke

15,16; Another Sonett II V4, for sale on the Porcupine parking lot; $3800 OBO - Sold!

17,18; Erik Carlsson drooling over a 96

19,20; Wife (Gonny), son (Bob) and friend (Patrick) next to Terry & Regina's prize winning red 95 - later, The Judges at the same spot.

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